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SEE US Intern: Hannah Bullerman

Updated: Jul 14

About Me

Hannah and Courtney competing in high school.

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Bullerman and I have been the Social Media SEE US intern since February! I grew up on a farm outside of Adrian, MN. I attended Adrian High School and I participated in cross country and basketball. As a freshman I got to not only play against, but also had the chance to guard the one and only Courtney Place.

Hannah has been incredible to work with. It has been a blast reminiscing about our high school days and what it was like growing up in southwest Minnesota. She is talented and is a hard worker. - Founder, Courtney Place

After high school I furthered my education at the University of South Dakota where I am currently working for a degree in business marketing. My love and involvement for basketball didn’t stop in high school. I was given the opportunity to be the manager for the University of South Dakota women's basketball team. This journey has shaped me into the person I am today.

SEE US Movement

I started being passionate about SEE US when I realized all of the discrimination women face in sports.

Women are constantly judged on the way they look rather than their own talent or ability. It happens more than we know and SEE US is doing a great job making it known. Women should be treated with the same respect and represented just the same as men.

This internship has been such a great learning experience for me. I get to work alongside the BEST BOSS EVER! I have been able to use my own sense of style and creativity to promote and advertise SEE US through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Courtney has made this an awesome learning experience and a great way to gain insight into the marketing field. I am so grateful for my new friendship and the opportunity I was able to partake in.

Please help us thank Hannah for her hard work and contributions to the SEE US Movement.

Queen of the Court

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